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Whether you’re a homeowner looking to overhaul an outdated kitchen, a business owner opening up a new location, or a contractor looking for professional assistance with delivering a superior product to your clients, you can count on Netley Millwork for exceptional, long-lasting workmanship and quality with our Winnipeg Custom Closets.

Custom Closet Design

Netley Millwork specializes in designing and manufacturing unique custom closets with the ability to customize the design of each closet to accommodate the specific design and needs of our customers. Because of our ability to customize each cabinet, whether in design or manufacturing, we offer our customers unlimited possibilities when they design their custom closet, with a variety of material choices, colours and hardware options that you expect from a premier custom closet manufacturer. As such our closet system is truly custom, and has the same quality and long-lasting workmanship that you expect from Netley Millwork.

Unlimited Closet Accessories

We offer many of the custom closet accessories that you would expect from a high quality custom closet manufacturer. Whether it is shoe storage, drawer or shelf dividers, jewelry drawers, hooks, tie racks, closet rod systems, baskets, hampers or many of the other virtually unlimited options available, our customers are free to include any custom closet accessory that we have available from our suppliers and include it in their closet design. We also do not restrict accessory options based on the customer picking from certain closet line, and will work with each customer to help them choose the exact accessories that they need to design their perfect custom closet.

Unlimited Material Options

We offer an unlimited choice of material options and colors. Whether you are looking for a thermally fused laminate the mimics the look of real wood, or a specific paint color that matches perfectly with your flooring, we do not restrict our customers in the options available, and instead work with them to design their closets exactly in the way that they want. Our custom closets are not restricted to a certain line, nor are there extra costs to enhance the design. We will work with each customer to find them the exact material that they want, and each closet is built with high quality workmanship and precision.

Unlimited Lighting Options

The addition of lighting to a custom closet changes everything. The right lights can illuminate each space perfectly. We offer unlimited lighting options for your custom closet with a variety of different ways to enhance your custom closet. All our lighting options are LED, with a minimum of 30,000 hours of runtime. Whether you are looking for recessed lighting inside a cabinet, lighting that will turn on when a door opens, or lighting that will illuminate your shore storage, we offer many different options to enhance your custom closet. Also, because of our unique ability as a custom manufacturer, we can help design & plan not only the perfect lighting system, but also create the necessary cabinet modifications to help the installation process go much smoother. Coordination with the general contractor or home owner to properly assess where plugin placement should be is important and we will work with each customer every step of the way to make the installation process as smooth and efficient as possible.

Netley Millwork

We believe that it’s our attention to detail and dedication to working face-to-face with our customers during every step of the design, manufacturing, and installation phases of a project which helps our customers feel confident in the superior quality of our products and services. We take the time to listen and understand our customers’ needs, and are just as happy to design custom cabinets from scratch as we are to incorporate your ideas and suggestions into the final product.

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Our Process

At Netley Millwork, our goal isn’t just to design, manufacture, and install an eye-catching custom cabinets; we want to make you feel included in a community of professionals who are striving to produce a superior product which will enhance your home or business for years to come.

Working with You

We work with homeowners, business owners, contractors, and home builders who want to design beautiful and customized pieces for their homes or professional spaces. Get in touch and find out how we can help.

Made to Order

Every piece we manufacture is a custom-designed piece which is created for a specific client, which means your pieces will be as unique as you are.

Built to Fit

We do on-site inspections and prepare high-detail drawings and renderings which ensure that your custom pieces will fit perfectly into any space in your home or business.


The sky’s the limit when it comes to custom millwork; design floating shelves, feature walls, and other eye-catching decor from your ideal materials.

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