Waterproof Edgebanding

Water Resistant Cabinets

Stanley Walter Cabinet Materials, Custom Cabinets

PUR, or polyurethane reactive glues are a fascinating type of highly water proof edgebanding glue options that has been popular in Europe for many years and has recently started to become more popular in Canada as a more common water resistant edgebanding option for panel processing.  As such, cabinets edgebanded with PUR glue offer many different benefits for customers looking …

Painted Kitchen Cabinets

Using Melamine For Cabinets?

Stanley Walter Cabinet Materials, Custom Cabinets

Over the years melamine has gotten a bad name in the cabinet industry as an option to use for cabinet interiors or even exteriors because of issues relating to water damage, strength or even general long term durability. The technological advancements in the manufacturing process have significantly increased the quality and durability of melamine and as a result many of …